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Noise and Weather Monitoring Ltd permanent noise & weather station is an advanced noise monitoring terminal that continuously records and stores noise and weather data.



With this new feature, you can schedule automatic time based audio recordings, and audio recordings triggered by noise events. Audio is stored on the server, and can be listened to on line, and downloaded as mp3 files. You can now identify the noise source without having to visit the site in the middle of the night.

These recordings are actual logger records:

Click here to play a recording of bird sound
Click here to play a recording of a stormy night
Click here to play a recording of a quiet street in Christchuch
Click here to play a recording of a busy street in Christchurch
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  • Collects noise and weather data continuously.
  • Logs the following data: 15 minute LA10, LAeq, LA50, LA90, LA95, LAmin, LAmax, 1/3 octaves, wind direction, wind velocity, temperature, rainfall, and battery voltage.
  • Now with 1 sec LAeq.
  • Self contained with mains or solar cell power.
  • Battery backup.
  • Uploads data via the cellular network to the server.
  • Web site access to your data from anywhere in the world.
  • Access from smartphone anywhere in the world.
  • Password protection on your data (optional).
  • Uses the Norsonic Nor140 class 1 sound level meter, and the Norsonic Nor1216 heated outdoor microphone.
  • NEW remote calibration by sms! By texting 'calibrate' to the site, a reference tone is sent to the preamplifier.

Mob: 021 264 0321 Ph: 06 357 7539
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